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“One Does Not Simply Build a Quality Sensor”

Designing and manufacturing a sensor is not something that one can just “do”.  In relation to much of the machinery on which sensors are installed, these items are small, and quite often overlooked as one of the most important parts of modern equipment.  Most people...

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Digital Sensors in an IoT World

Author: Sinjon Stringfellow New technology and analytics are driving change in all industries. There are new opportunities and more options for sensors thanks to the advancement of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The first step into this new...

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Buy America

Smith Systems, Inc. (SMITH SYSTEMS ®) is an ISO-9001-registered manufacturer of sensors for Speed, Motion and Temperature, as well as controls, custom instrumentation and cabling associated with those sensing devices. Founded in 1978 by Chief Operating Officer William...

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Creating Partnerships

At Smith Systems, Inc., we believe in forging lasting relationships with our customers. One of the ways we do that is to solicit feedback about our products. You keep us on our toes, and we appreciate that. While we already excel in our industry, we refuse to rest on...

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Sensor Design App

Need help with choosing your custom sensor characteristics? Download our App on Google Play to customize your own sensor and submit it for review and design.       © 2015 Google Inc, used with permission. Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google...

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Positive Train Control

Smith Systems, Inc. offers rugged and reliable sensors for PTC (Positive Train Control) systems. The housing’s are constructed from stainless steel and utilize a closed sensing end. The cables are protected with tubing, stainless steel flex or rubber. The sensors are...

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Smith Systems, Inc. Flip Book

Click Here to View Smith Systems, Inc. Flipbook Smith Systems, Inc.’s sensor products are designed to survive in your operating environment. Our sensors are Made In America, and are built with quality and customer satisfaction in mind. Our custom designed speed...

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Why Smith Systems®?

At Smith Systems Inc®, we specialize in solving difficult applications and are the go-to choice for all your OEM and aftermarket needs. Our products are known for their proven in-service reliability, guaranteeing high-quality solutions.

As a factory direct sales company, our engineers provide personalized attention to your requirements. With competitive pricing and on-time delivery, we offer the best value for your investment. Experience excellence with Smith Systems Incorporated.

Smith Systems, Inc. at a Glance

Smith Systems Inc. is a privately owned manufacturer of speed sensors, motion sensors and temperature sensors, as well as sensor controls, custom instrumentation, and cable harnessing associated with these devices.

Our capabilities range from commercial standards (found in assembly and process machinery), to the high reliability sensors used in aerospace applications, to durable products for reliable sensor performance in harsh environments.