Products and Services

Our Quality & Service

As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer Smith Systems Inc. sensor products are 100% tested and include a written warranty. Smith Systems Inc. enjoys a reputation that is passed from customer to customer. Our main objective is to satisfy every customer by providing the highest quality product at a reasonable price.

Time and attention has been directed to the area of service and company representation. We work with you, the customer, to provide a sound and reliable design. We make every effort to quote realistic delivery dates; we pride ourselves on meeting our schedules, and are committed to meeting your needs. Smith Systems Inc. also carries quality certification for IRIS and ATEX.

Our Capabilities & Performance

If you fly commercially, we fly with you. Smith Systems Inc. has speed sensors and temperature sensors in turbine engine start systems. If you travel by railway our speed sensors and temperature sensors travel with you under the train, monitoring speed, braking functions and critical temperatures. These rail sensors must operate while being exposed to the under car environment which includes blowing sand, water, salt, fuels, chemicals, ice, snow, vibration, and shock that frequently exceeds 100G. If you heat your home with oil or gas, we may have helped move that fuel across frozen tundra or burning deserts. Our sensors are used in remote unmanned pumping stations driven by large gas turbines where extreme sensor reliability is imperative.