About Us

Our Company

Smith Systems Inc. is a privately owned manufacturer of speed sensors, motion sensors and temperature sensors, as well as sensor controls, custom instrumentation, and cable harnessing associated with these devices. Our capabilities range from commercial standards (found in assembly and process machinery), to the high reliability sensors used in aerospace applications, to durable products for reliable sensor performance in harsh environments.

We are a qualified source for flight hardware and have supplied products for civilian, military applications and space flight. These products are designed to survive high vibration and extremes of thermal and mechanical shock. Smith Systems Inc. is a primary supplier of these environmentally protected products to railcar OEMs, transit authorities and private rail operators.

Our products monitor axle speed as feedback for anti-skid braking control, PTC journal bearing temperature, fluid and gas temperatures, and other speed inputs for various aspects of train control. These products endure the worst of operating conditions-the underside of a railcar. We apply all of the rigorous design and manufacturing standards of flight and rail hardware to all our products.

When performance and reliability are essential, Smith Systems Inc. can help. We offer many standard devices and will also develop custom solutions for your unique applications.

Effective June 1, 2011, the North Carolina Department of Admin has certified Smith Systems Inc. as a HUB form with the Statewide Uniform Certification Program (SEUC) and is eligible to receive HUB or Women Owned Business Entity (WBE) opportunities, and contract awarded to Smith Systems Inc. from government agencies or prime contractors qualified in assessing performance against HUB or WBE contracting goals.

The Small Business Administration has certified Smith Systems Inc. as a qualified Small Business Concern (SBC).

Why Smith Systems®?

  • Specialists in difficult applications
  • The premium manufacturer of OEM and after market
  • Proven in-service reliability
  • Factory direct sales and engineering support
  • Competitive pricing and on-time delivery

Mission Statement

“Smith Systems, Inc. is an innovative designer and manufacturer of advanced sensing products for hostile environments, serving the world market. We are committed to customer satisfaction, employee growth and community enhancement.”


It is the intention of Smith Systems, Inc. and its founder to be the cleanest, neatest company you could do business with by:

  • Being the best supplier of high quality products by the evolution of designs with leading edge development
  • Being competitively priced without sacrificing quality
  • Continuing to manufacture products within the United States
  • Treating employment as a service to our community to support consistent growth
  • Increasing capacity while maintaining the quality level
  • Strengthening business relationships through personal communication, and meeting customer needs and expectations which lead to better customer support
  • New product enhancement/technology opportunities

Safety Policy

The Safety of all Smith Systems’® employees and its customers is priority ONE!

Customer Satisfaction

Smith Systems Inc. is firmly committed to the philosophy that quality and reliability make a product cost effective. To that end, Smith Systems Inc. is not only concerned with customer wants, but customer needs and customer satisfaction. We are committed to service by providing the most reliable product possible. Standard products at Smith Systems Inc. incorporate the same assembly techniques that extend and ensure the longevity of critical aircraft designs. Nothing is more important to us than your ability to rely on the sensor safety, sensor reliability, and sensor performance of our products.

Our Goal

Smith Systems Inc. stands behind the selling practices that add value and quality to a superior product. Our goal is to provide each customer with 100% satisfaction through reliable sensors, outstanding quality and dependable service.

Our Quality Policy

Superior customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements, expectations and improving processes with risk prevention. Products featured in this catalog may be the subject of one or more pending or issued patents and/or patent applications including U.S. Patent numbers 5,006,797; 8,258,780; CA Patent number 2,676,761; and European Publication No. 1000321A.